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Eurotoy director Joe Basilone has been in the car industry since he was 19 years old, started out as a panel beater.  At the age of 23 he commenced work as a delivery driver for his now father in law at Enzo Auto Wreckers.  During this time he learnt everything he could about all types of vehicles and his passion for cars and selling car parts began.  He worked along side Enzo for 17 years during which time he became married to Enzo’s daughter, Marina and had a family of 3 children of his own.  Although he had a passion for all types of vehicles, his main passion became prestige vehicles so in June 2007 he decided to go out on his own and begin his own business in order to succeed and provide for his family and potentially beginning a family business of his own.

Joe is a perfectionist who strives to offer customers prompt service and spot on parts as he wholeheartedly believes word of mouth is best way of advertising and his reputation means everything to him.  He has a soft spot for classic cars, boats and his family and also is a dedicated fitness fanatic.  He teaches aerobics every night, plays football during the season and has won many awards for his athleticism including best & fairest for the club, league best & fairest runners up and helps out wherever possible volunteering on a weekly basis as assistant coach.  He is currently doing a course to enable him to teach aspiring aerobics instructors all around Australia as well as regularly attending and encouraging his children at their own sporting events. 

Joe is a very hardworking man with high integrity and strives to succeed at everything he puts his mind to - this is what makes Eurotoy one of the most respected players in the prestige part supply world.





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